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It's Hump Day! Emma hosts  Jarod Facundo and Luke Goldstein, writing fellows at The American Prospect, to discuss the results from last night's mayoral race in Chicago. First, Emma runs through updates on yesterday’s election results, Trump pleading not guilty, and the right’s response to Wisconsin’s political shifts. Jarod Facundo and Luke Goldstein dive right into Brandon Johnson’s unapologetically left-wing campaign for Chicago Mayor, his rejection of the Chicago political establishment, and what his victory represents for progressivism across the nation. Next, they step back to assess how Brandon Johnson even found himself in this runoff against establishment candidate Paul Vallas,  after entering the race barely above 2%, walking through his campaign’s emphasis on the ground game, the role of local organizations like the Chicago Teachers Union and United Working Families, and what community organizing meant for his success. They also tackle the positive impact of his riskier policy strategies, presenting a wide breadth of solutions to the voters’ public safety worries rather than taking a “tough on crime” tact, and parse through the impact of Johnson’s and Vallas’ respective endorsements, before wrapping up by exploring this election in relation to Chicago’s recent corruption, and what it says about support for neoliberal politics and austerity.

And in the Fun Half: Emma discusses doubts around Trump’s 34 Felony charges with Will from Cincinnati, debates the reason behind a North Carolina Statehouse member’s party affiliation swap, and covers another piece of journalistic malpractice from a Bari Weiss outlet. Dave from Pennsylvania and Kenny from Berkeley discuss the impact of AI, Kid Rock teaches approximately 20 cans of Bud Light a lesson, and Joe from South Texas asks about the Lincoln Project. Emma also touches on the “Zazademon” alter ego of AOC, plus, your calls and IMs!

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