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It's the LAST Casual Friday of 2022! The MR Crew are doing a clips-and-calls show before the holidays, and are also joined by Matthew Film Guy (@langdonboom)to discuss the recent Sight & Sound poll! First, Sam, and Emma run through updates on the final report from the January 6th committee, NY Gov Hochul fitting perfectly into the Cuomo mold, Sam Bankman-Fried paying off his $250 million bond in fiat currency, and Congressman-elect George Santos’ crumbling resume, before diving into the $1.7 trillion spending bill making it through the Senate and House, revamping the GOP leadership debate (and perhaps bringing Steve Scalise into the fold). Then, they take calls with Jay from New Haven on CT’s solar energy policy, Aaron from Madison on fighting back against the Independent State Legislature Theory, and Amy from San Francisco on QAnon Anonymous' deep dive into Tusli Gabbard’s cult. Then, they’re joined by Matthew Film Guy as he dives right into the drama surrounding Sight & Sound’s recent “Greatest Films of All Time” poll where Citizen Kane and Vertigo were finally overtaken for the #1 spot by a WOMAN-DIRECTED movie “Jeanne Dielman, 23 Commerce Quay, 1080 Brussels.” They walk through the anti-woke backlash to this result, as Matthew dives into the difference between an active culture war and the democratization of a poll, with Sight & Sound expanding the number of voters beyond a couple of hundred for the first time in their history, before launching into the beauty and vision of Chantal Akerman’s boundary-pushing work, its long-term rise into mainstream discourse, and the importance of creating art with sensitive visions of life.

And in the Fun Half: Sam and Emma watch AOC tackle the USPS deal and their shift toward Electric Vehicles being undermined by Louis DeJoy putting a scab facility at the center of the production, Drew from Portland Oregon calls in to discuss DeSantis’ alternate health agency and the impact it could have on the Right’s war on trans care, and John from San Antonio walks through the massive boom in union support that we’ve seen in 2022. They also dive deeper into Kathy Hochul’s nomination of a severely conservative judge to New York’s Chief Justice position, and Matt Taibbi’s response to critiques (such as Matt Taibbi from a year ago) of him doing PR for a billionaire. Revis from the Twin Cities reveals a Sam Seder cameo in the Magic Schoolbus, Candace Owens has some thoughts on the Confederate Flag, and Charlie from Washington explores how to push your state to become a safe space for trans folks escaping persecution, plus, your calls and IMs!

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