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It's Casual Friday! Sam hosts Osita Nwanevu, contributing editor at the New Republic and columnist at The Guardian, to round up the week in news. Then, Sam's joined in-studio by comedian H. Jon Benjamin to discuss his new Jazz Daredevil Whisky Highball! First, Sam runs through updates on the Respect for Marriage Act, Alito’s role in Supreme Court leaks, and more, before parsing through Sinema’s incredibly unsurprising choice to leave the Democratic party. Osita Nwanevu then joins as he dives right into analyzing whether there will be a material impact on Sinema going independent, before diving into lingering stories from the midterms, including Maricopa county, grappling with a Warnock win alongside an Abrams loss, Trump’s role in the GOP’s losses, and why the Right really should blame their obsession with culture wars. Next, they walk through whether the Right will see a shift back towards an anti-immigrant culture war, what the Democrats (with a majority in the Senate) can do about immigration policy, and why the American public became more liberal on the topic throughout the Trump presidency. Wrapping up, Osita and Sam tackle the state of the Democratic electorate, parse through the future of the Democratic party under their new leadership, and explore why DeSantis isn’t much of an actual departure from what the public dislikes about Trump. Then Sam is joined by alleged comedian and actor H. Jon Benjamin to discuss his educational background and new canned concoction the Jazz Daredevil Whisky Highball!

And in the Fun Half: Sam dives deep into the recent hearing around the 2014 Hobby Lobby leak, parsing through the astonishing news that the various influential far-right political lobbying institutions do indeed influence far-right Supreme Court justices, and whether there will be any repercussions for the multiple Justices involved behind the scenes. He and the crew also tackle Bari Weiss’ Twitter Files pt. 2 as she and the rest of the online right forgo reading comprehension in favor of their reactionary impulses, and discuss Rep. Vicky Hartzler’s harrowing experience grappling with Gay people having rights, plus, your calls and IMs!

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