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Emma hosts Ryan Grim, DC Bureau Chief at The Intercept, to discuss some of his recent coverage of Tuesday's midterm results. First, Emma runs through updates on the Georgia runoff, continuing vote counts in Nevada and Arizona, the massive surge of independent votes to the Dems, and the razor-thin edge of the Boebert race, also diving deeper into Jesse Watters blaming the blame game as he singles out single women and children as the faults of our society. Ryan Grim then joins as he dives right into the mandate to fight for reproductive rights that was delivered by voters this week, walking through how the Roe decision impacted this election (and maybe saved the Senate for the Democrats), and why – even if Republicans win the house – a campaign to codify Roe into law could take advantage of the vulnerable standing of countless House Republicans, not to mention helping bolster the push for centrist Dems like Manchin and Sinema to finally come out against the filibuster. Next, Grim and Emma parse through the impact of the New York Democratic machine on the massive losses felt by the left across the state on Tuesday, highlighted by DCCC chair Sean Patrick Maloney bigfooting progressive Mondaire Jones out of the race only to lose to the GOP, first walking through the impact of Cuomo’s governorship in shaping the NY legislature around a center-left and right-wing alliance, and how Jay Jacobs (Chair of NYS Democratic Committee) has carried the torch. Wrapping up, they discuss the incredible success of the progressive branch of the Democratic party during this election cycle, and discuss where the future of progressive electoral leverage and power lies.

And in the Fun Half: Emma is joined by Brandon Sutton and Matt Binder as they tackle the re-emergence of Donald Trump as the 2024 elections creep ever closer, discussing whether the GA runoff will affect his announcement, and looking at the media coverage of what this election means for Donald and Ron DeSantis. Dave from Trenton asks some questions regarding the Kennedys, Ben Shapiro announces “heads MUST roll,” and L from Long Island discusses Twitter’s ad revenue. Charlie Kirk co-hosts a meltdown with Chris Rufo, and Candace Owens asks why the left chose to censor Kyrie and Amazon, instead of cracking down on Amazon via censorship, plus, your calls and IMs!

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