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Emma hosts Victoria Bassetti, Senior Advisor of States United Action and author of Electoral Dysfunction: A Survival Manual for American Voters, to discuss the upcoming state elections all across the country coming up next Tuesday. First, Emma runs through updates on ANOTHER Fed interest rate hike, polling in PA, WI, and NC ahead of the midterms, Bolsonaro’s private concession, and Netanyahu’s return to Israeli politics with a far-right coalition behind him, before diving into Biden’s address of the presence of democracy on the ballot in 2022. Victoria Bassetti then joins as she gets right into the work being done at States United Action to track the presence of anti-democratic candidates, beginning in 2021 with reports from both the grassroots and institutional sides of a rising tide of election deniers running for office, and inspiring SUA to keep tabs on state races for the big three seats (Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State). After painting a picture of the serious prevalence of election deniers on ballots across the US, Bassetti and Emma walk through the ballots in various swings states, exploring why Arkansas and Georgia have no election deniers on the ballot while Arizona and Michigan might have multiple seats go that direction, and touching on the prevalence of these politicians even in solid blue places like New York. Wrapping up, Victoria and Emma very briefly touch on the upcoming Moore v. Harper case in the Supreme Court, walk through the various right-wing attempts to stifle voting (both mail-in and in-person), and discuss how individuals can fight back against these tactics heading into the midterms.

And in the Fun Half: Emma is joined by Matt and Brandon as they assess the recent discourse on anti-semitism and Black Hebrew Israelites, before watching an old Bo Burnham clip on capitalism’s evolution from colonization of land to its attack on attention, and Keister from Florida discusses the anti-semitism at the recent Georgia-Florida game. Fox host Pete Hegseth explores how the libs made up social studies, bells, and sitting in rows, Sam from Wisconsin talks anti-Matt Walsh protests, and Matt Binder parses through his deep-dive exposé on Jimmy Dore’s sockpuppet account, plus, your calls and IMs!

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