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It's Casual Friday! Sam hosts Ben Dixon of The Benjamin Dixon Show to round up the week in news. Then he is joined by Matthew Film Guy! First, Sam runs through updates on the DOJ’s appeal on Trump’s Special Master ruling, more investigations into the Save America PAC and Steve Bannon’s fraud charges, the DNC’s love for Dark Money, Gorsuch’s statement on a public report surrounding the Dobbs leak, and the beautiful reactions to the Queen’s death, ranging from indifferent to ecstatic. Ben Dixon then joins as he and Sam walk through a recent viral clip of his juxtaposition of viral Black pastors and hardcore Christian nationalists, exploring how the Christian right has colonized Christ and gentrified Jesus on the stage of national discourse. Next, they take on the state of the strain of White Supremacist Christianity that has overtaken the US after a few decades in hiding, pitching dominionist theology with crackdowns on queer folks and an uplifting of White idols, from Trump to MTG, and ingraining themselves in all factions of the GOP. Dixon then explores why these White Supremacists don’t get more pushback from their religious communities, diving into the organizing Ben has done in the south, from allowing congregations to dictate the politics of their pastors to the preoccupation of Black pastors with a full-on conservative assault on their communities. After a brief conversation on how this fundamentalist sect slipped under the radar from the mid-2000s up until the emergence of Donald Trump, they dive deeper into the state of the GOP’s agenda as an appeal to this Christian dominionism, touching on the Oathkeepers leak, January 6th, and the Right’s full-scale attack on government.

And in the Fun Half: Matthew Film Guy joins Sam as he discusses the Brittany Snow movie that has become his recent passion project, his appearance on little-known podcast WTF, and his Sam-backed recommendations of Joachim Trier’s “The Worst Person in the World” and Bo Burham’s “Eighth Grade.” Sam also dives into Ron Johnson’s frantic escape from a vote on the upcoming Marriage Equality Bill, Greg Gutfeld talks about his need for attractive male specimens in a political base, and Alabama's imprisonment of pregnant folks. Dave Rubin pulls his support for Sam Harris on account of his falling into Trump Derangement Syndrome, plus, your IMs!

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