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Sam and Emma break down the biggest headlines of the day, beginning with the massive water crisis in Jackson, Mississippi leaving over 180,000 without running water, also walking through how Brian Kemp was called to testify in the GA trials, and the GOP’s continued push on pointless political culture wars like high school sports. Next, they dive into the other lackluster yet vitriolic rhetoric coming from the right, particularly with their moralizing of student loans – despite mass swaths of the US population holding them – and take on the recent revelations that Tony Ornato, Cassidy Hutchinson’s source in the secret service on Donald Trump’s 1/6 freakout, has suddenly quit. They also cover the three incredible pieces of legislation coming to the floor in California, bolstering affordable housing production, promoting living wages, and giving labor leverage to fast food workers, also parsing through where Gavin Newsome will fall in these fights. Wrapping up the news day, Sam and Emma get into the midterms as they continue to heat up, with Biden finally departing from the “ultra-MAGA” tact, now calling them “MAGA republicans,” and admitting to their “semi-fascist” status, also walking through the absence of a real message from the GOP, with conservative Joe O’Dea claiming to run on the great platform of “mitigating circumstances” around abortion, and Blake Masters wiping his website of the big three party policies of great replacement theory, the big lie, and an abortion ban.

And in the Fun Half: Sam and Emma dive deeper into the GOP’s problems heading into the midterms, with JD Vance trailing the ever-bland Tim Ryan, Minnesota Statehouse Republican Mark Bishofsky proclaiming the GOP platform of “your pain, my gain,” and Donald Trump’s lawyer calls on his base to use the raid of Mar-a-Lago as a galvanizing force comparable to… Pearl Harbor. Sam reflects on the Confessions of an Economic Hitman, Joe Rogan endorses a GOP vote with Aaron Rodgers, Mike Lindell continues to be blacklisted by nobody, and JK Rowling continues to engage in both self-obsession and stochastic terrorism. The Republican Party refuses to acknowledge the hole they’re in, Taylor from Tampa and Mindy from NYC explore student loans, Jess from Baltimore discusses the stigmas and obstacles created by means testing, plus, your calls and IMs!

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