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The MR Crew join together to commemorate the 2nd anniversary of dear friend and colleague Michael Brooks's passing. They'll be joined to reminisce and remember Michael and his legacy by his sister Lisha, Joshua Kahn RussellWosny Lambre, Bhaskar SunkaraBen Burgis and David Griscom. Emma and Sam dive right into reflecting on Michael’s entrance into their lives and the beauty and humility he brought to them. Lisha then joins as they reflect on the legacy of the Michael Brooks Show, and the power of his words and outlook reaching all the way back to his childhood, and Joshua Kahn Russell calls in from Peru on Michael’s organic interest and ability to connect with people on myriad topics, even if that means mapping Simpson’s characters’ political relationships to the Springfield power plant. After exploring Michael’s rapid and meaningful entrance into his life, Wosny walks through Michael’s incredible grace (even in disagreement) and how that allowed him to open up so many people to his empathy and thoughts. Bhaskar and Sam dive deep into Michael’s ability to create bits that intrinsically hit at his satirical critiques while building entire worlds around them, before expanding on Wosny’s discussion about Michael’s ability to unite critique and care. Ben Burgis walks through his relationship with Michael up until the final TMBS show, and his ability to engage people in topics that had no reason to be engaged with, and David Griscom joins as he and the crew reflect on some of Michael’s most beautiful critiques and the ideas that sympathy is not solidarity and of being ruthless with systems, and kind to individuals. Sam and Emma wrap up the show with kind words from IMers across the MRU.


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The Majority Report with Sam Seder -

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