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Emma hosts Robert Kuttner, founder and editor at the American Prospect, to discuss his recent piece "After Hyper-Globalization". Then Emma is joined by David Adler, General Coordinator at Progressive International, to discuss the recent Colombian elections. First, however, Emma discusses Israel once again disbanding a corrupt far-right apartheid government, to leave the power open for another new far-right apartheid movement to come to power, and dives into the slow but steady emergence of evidence proving more and more of the Uvalde Police’s statements as blatant lies attempting to cover their ass as they stood around while children died. Then, Robert Kuttner joins as he and Emma dive right into what hyper globalization is, and why this system, based on a complete absence of regulation of commerce, trade, and production across borders, was so primed to fail (hint: it had to do with its complete refusal to regulate capitalism), collapsing as soon as China arrived in the WTO and refused to comply, and the COVID pandemic shut down supply lines worldwide. Next, Kuttner walks through the history of hyper globalization, with Clinton’s neoliberal regimes of the 90s starting a move to international trade agreements that sought to undercut foreign countries’ ability to regulate capitalism and gave US Banks footholds abroad, before he and Emma jump back to the 1940s, looking at the conceptual systems that preluded it, focusing on the Bretton Woods system of Keynesian economics that emphasized what was essentially an international new deal, built on the spine of an International Monetary Fund to advance funding to struggling economies, a World Bank for public investment in development, and an International Trade Organization that allows countries to enforce labor rights in international trade. Robert Kuttner then contrasts Keynes’ dream with the eventual World Trade Organization as a purified right-wing capitalist version of his vision, abusing concepts of sovereignty, property rights, and intellectual property to bolster Western corporations and keep down nations that they see as only necessary for extraction. They wrap up the interview by touching on the role of Biden (and Trump!) in reversing this global trend, and discuss what a new deal for the global south would look like, and how we can fight for it. Then, Emma is joined by David Adler as he situates Gustavo Petro’s victory as the first progressive administration to come to power in Colombia, coming to power in a wholesale rejection of the far-right, neo-imperial military alliance that defined the Uribismo ideology that defined Iván Duque Márquez’s administration and those that came before him (since, unsurprisingly, the Uribe administration). They wrap up their discussion with a conversation on the international reactions from both the far-right and the progressive left, the importance of the recent success of leftist candidates in Latin America, and the corruption and lies that fuel the US’ relationship in the region.

And in the Fun Half: Emma discusses the Chesa Boudin recall with Nathaniel from Berkeley, and Joe Rogan hosts a military-response training specialist to discuss why the police in Uvalde needed more military-response training (which they already had) to protect their egos. Sean from Washington asks Emma about one of the few sports she’s not well-versed in, Larry Kudlow asks Pence if he’s EVER seen a president lie like this, and Emma and the crew dive into the UK Rail Strike. Grayson from Michigan discusses being screened by Denis Prager’s staff, more cops get scared of touching things, plus, your calls!

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