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It's Casual Friday! Sam hosts Heather Digby Parton, contributing writer at and proprietor of the blog Hullabaloo to round up the week in news. Then Sam is joined by Jason Myles, co-host of the This Is Revolution podcast. First, Sam covers the confirmation that Ginni Thomas was conspiring with John Eastman, Trump’s Coup Lawyer, and Assange’s extradition being approved. Digby and Sam then get right into the updates from Yesterday’s 1/6 hearing, from Donald Trump calling his Vice President the “P-word” (hint: it’s not “Pence” or “President”), and debate who Trump’s next right-hand man will be, especially as the god squad votes are among the most important in his control of the Republican party. Next, Sam and Digby have some discourse on the discourse around 1/6, exploring the contrast between US coverage of the hearings (or really, the lack thereof) and the coverage abroad, getting deep into the US political establishment’s obsession with legitimizing the right as a party with integrity, and contrasting them with “magas” and “ultra-magas,” despite the central involvement of active Senators, Congresspeople, and spouses of Supreme Court Justices, with everyone participating, from Grassley to Graham, completely aware of the illegality of what they were planning. Diving deeper into yesterday’s focus on Mike Pence, Digby and Sam analyze why someone who supposedly was against this, kept asking people for advice and debating strategy with the MAIN strategizers of the insurrection, before walking through the role of Michael Ludwig in legitimizing the “bipartisan” nature of the committee, and exploring the future of Republican insurrection attempts as they shift to more localized corruption and grassroots bigotry. Then, Sam is joined by Jason Myles as they dive into his recent video essay exploring the progression of Black cinema and the role it played both in Hollywood as a whole and the greater American and African American cultures, starting in the 1960s, with the new left of Maverick filmmakers making independent films and a push for more Black power contrasted with the actual rise of Blaxploitation movies, with movies like Sweet Sweetback and others practically saving Hollywoods bottom line, despite going completely against the general Black intelligentsia. Jason then dives into the next stages, as the ‘90s came back around to independent films (once again due to falling profits) making these “hood films” on the defective young black man, diving into the infection of neoliberalisms’ focus on “cultural” shortcomings and ignoring the classism and racism that were the actual issues of the time, and how these stereotypical and exploitative films pushed Black power away from the political realm and into, exclusively, the cultural realm. They wrap up their interview by looking at the modern era of Black cinema, the contrasts between films like Black Panther and Moonlight, and the need to return Black power to a political concept.

And in the Fun Half: Tulsi dances around Sean Hannity’s stupidity, Jesse Watterboard has an idea to get to the bottom of the SCOTUS leak, and DeSantis celebrates the ancestry of Apartheid heir Elon Musk. Ted Cruz takes shots at Disney’s queer agenda, as he points to the integrity of regimes that are rejecting the upcoming “Lightyear” film, such as China and the UAE. Meghan Kelly returns to the media as she calls out her former employers for discussing the fact that trans kids who are rejected by their families frequently resort to suicide, plus, your IMs!

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