The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Sam and Emma break down the latest headlines, from the Democratic Leadership finally stepping in to ask for “reasonable republicans,” which they’ll surely respond positively to, to the continuing organizing movement within Starbucks franchises nationwide. They begin by covering the rapid response to American gun violence that we’re seeing… in Canada, Austin’s exploration of local abortion protection, and the incredible rate of successful unionization votes at Starbucks across the US. Next, Sam and Emma reflect on the anniversary of Thomas Friedman’s appearance on Charlie Rose, and his proclamation of the cultural problems of the “terrorism bubble” and “morality of the weak” were enough to invade Iraq when combined with the fact that we “could,” before they jump to Biden’s promotion of his opposition as “reasonable,” despite everything about their politics and how they’ve developed over the last two decades, and look to Adam Kinzinger as the pinnacle of what a “reasonable” member of the GOP would look like today – a representative that’s retiring. Then, they shift to the gun control debate, discussing 2008’s Heller decision and Scalia’s recognition of the right to bear arms in one’s OWN home, before they watch Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy and North Carolina Lt. Gov Mark Robinson discuss the need for assault weapons to defend against feral pigs and federal pigs, respectively, and wrap up the news day with Nathan Selvig’s appearance at this weekend’s NRA conference, as he walks through the importance of both thinking and praying in stopping future gun violence.

And in the Fun Half: Sam and Emma take a call with Adam from NY as he walks through the philosophical underpinnings of anti-gun control nuts, MJ from Maine discusses the importance of naming an enemy and the problem of who you expect this from, and Sam beams with pride over Saul’s first metaphor. Flyover Conservatives and Liberty Alliance USA revolutionize the war against woke with their new “woke heat map,” (it’s just a map with links to tweets?), and Sam and Emma dive into the Right’s desire for expression without critique. Steve Doocy takes on child labor laws, Donald Trump celebrates Scooter Libbey in his uplifting of the Iraq war before taking on Liz Cheney in his undermining of the Iraq war, and Michael from Long Island compares and contrasts South Korean and American masking culture, plus, your calls and IMs!

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