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Sam and Emma break down the biggest headlines of the week! They begin with the response from Democratic leadership to this mass stripping of rights, as they immediately step in… to expand police details for Supreme Court justices, before diving into non-Roe news from Biden once again putting domestic COVID aid on the back burner, Russian continued strikes in Odessa and along weapons supply lines, and the upcoming decisions by Finland and Sweden on joining NATO. Then, Emma and Sam dive back to the 1970s as they tackle the last fifty years of reproductive rights, with the GOP assimilating anti-choice policy into their platform as early as 1976 in an attempt to win over the apolitical evangelical wing, before becoming a foundational value as the Republican party shifted into the Reagan years. Next, they look to the Democratic Leadership’s apparently ahistorical view of party politics, as Nancy Pelosi continues to push the absolute fetishization of her opposition, pining for a strong Republican party, one that loves a woman’s right to choose and environmental activism, while reality continues to see more and more right-wing fundamentalist policy pass, before Emma dives into Pelosi’s belief that the GOP must look at their base like she looks at hers, taking it back from these “extremists,” rather than using their popularity to get your agenda passed. Next, Chuck Schumer assumes his riveting monotone delivery as he exemplifies the Democrats’ fecklessness on the Senate floor, and Joe Scarborough dives into Alito’s takedown of the 14th Amendment, walking through the myriad other rights that it puts on weak footing, and pushing the Democrats to please compromise, maybe taking like 60% of a right? Like half of a right to interracial marriage or something. They also wrap up the first half by diving into updates on the leak, the right’s continued insistence that a FELONIOUS liberal clerk leaked this decision… to hold the conservative justices to their anti-choice decision.

And in the Fun Half: Sam and Emma cover DeSantis’ new school of propaganda, as he announces a mandatory education on “Victims of Communism Day,” and dive into his CRT-related banning of… a math textbook. They also dive into Alabama advancing a bill to criminalize all trans people under the age of 19, bolstering the already sky-high rates of depression and suicidal intent in genderqueer teens, and lending credence to the abuse and harassment that causes it. Notorious ally Jimmy Dore then rants on this mass swath of trans activists (it’s one tweet) and their violent nature, before Sam and Emma dive into the culmination of Hillary Clinton’s “use the invasion of Ukraine to weaken Russia” talking points after Russia’s invasion, as Dem consultants discuss our role in the “conflict” as “fundamentally at war by proxy.” Kev from Quincy discusses the relationship between abortion and child poverty, Julian from Spokane discusses the devastating emotion of this week, and what avenues to protect abortion exist, and Sam and Emma dive into the myth of student debt relief being an elitist policy. Plus, your calls and IMs!

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