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It's Casual Friday! Sam and Emma host Perry Bacon Jr., columnist for the Washington Post, to discuss his recent pieces "Let's puncture some myths about Democrats' struggles" and "Why Ketanji Brown Jackson would be such an upgrade over Breyer." Then, Sam and Emma are joined by John Hodgman and David Rees to discuss their new project "Dicktown" on FXX! Perry, Sam, and Emma begin by parsing through Biden’s State of the Union and his gratuitous hits on the left as they set up a discussion on the Democratic establishment preparing the midterm blame-game on progressivism and “wokeness.” This brings them to the role of the consultant class in bolstering these arguments, as well as how the ideological battle for the future of the party, and the media readiness to accept centrist talking points work in tandem. Next, they take on the Democratic establishment’s fear of all things culture war, and why younger generations are more willing to explicitly take on the Republican push to start banning books.  They take on the nomination of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court and why she was the obvious choice, before they wrap up the interview by reflecting on Breyer’s role over these last few years, and why his typical SCOTUS Justice pretension has reinforced the institution's anti-democratic nature. Sam and Emma also touch on the continuing backlash to Russia, and Manchin calling for a massive fracking investment in the domestic oil industry. Then they are joined by David Rees and John Hodgman as they discuss their new show “Dicktown,” why their adult animation isn’t more “adult,” and reflect on the general dickheadery of their youth.
And in the Fun Half: Tucker Carlson, not weeks after laughing at support for Ukraine and hitching his own wagon to Russia, decides to put out a call for escalation against Russia, Sean Hannity calls for war, but like, suuuuper secret war, and Lindsay Graham gives Putin all the anti-American propaganda he needs. A Florida school suspends a student for promoting protests against the “Don’t Say Gay” Bill, DeSantis preps his presidential run, and Greg Gutfeld wants to redefine mutually assured destruction, plus, your IMs!
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