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Sam and Emma host David Dayen, executive editor at the American Prospect, to discuss Biden's State of the Union address, as well David's recent pieces in the New York Times and the Prospect. They begin by unpacking the popularism woven throughout Biden’s address, looking to the limits of highlighting exclusively popular ideas (especially when you haven’t gotten many of them done), and the flip side presented by the President railing against what he sees as unpopular ideas within his own party, despite the only effect being undermining his fellow Democrats. David also walks through myriad ways Biden could’ve offered more practical examples over platitudes in his speech, before they look to Rick Scott’s proposed tax raise on half of Americans and a sunsetting of Social Security and Medicare, as well as McConnell’s swift shutdown of this despite it clearly being a central element of the Republican agenda over the last two decades. Next, they cover Casar’s incredible progressive victory that we saw yesterday in Texas, before David, Sam, and Emma discuss Biden’s successful rhetoric on inflation. David wraps up by bringing in his recent series on the American Prospect on the supply chain failures, walking through the various neoliberal developments that built up a single-lane supply chain with little to no reserves that set us teetering on the edge of disaster until the pandemic pushed us over, before he also dives into his piece in the NYT on Larry Summer’s role in fear-mongering inflation to cover up countless weaknesses in a system he set up. Sam and Emma also explore Russia’s continued advancement through Ukraine, Texas formalizing their wildly invasive anti-family child-abuse policy, targeting trans kids who are already incredibly vulnerable, and discuss Biden’s (correct) claims on job growth.

And in the Fun Half: Sam unpacks his time at Disney, John from San Antonio parses through yesterday’s Texas primaries and what the Cisneros - Cuellar runoff could look like, and Joe from Maine explores how the conflict in Ukraine might affect electoral politics, before Emma highlights the whiplash from the right as they turn from boisterous support for Putin, to suddenly seeing him as at fault. Jesse Watters and Monica Crowley discuss the nasty, schoolyard-bullying Russia is facing in the face of their geopolitical “cancellation” (this sentence means nothing), Rachel calls in from Warsaw to discuss her experiences leaving Ukraine this past week, from racism at the borders to the emotional response from Ukrainians, and Dave from Jamaica expands a little on the administrative racism of the response to Ukrainian refugees. Crowder and his babysitter watch the state of the union, plus, your calls and IMs!

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