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Sam and Emma host Matt Duss, foreign policy adviser to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), to discuss the recent developments in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, as well as the U.S. airstrike in Somalia from a few days ago, the first in the area since last August. Matt, Sam, and Emma begin with a clip of a journalist in Poland pleading with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson for the establishment of a no-fly zone over Ukraine, as they work through the tactic as a clear declaration of war, recognize World War 3 as a choice that will lead to countless deaths, and unpack what non-military action and de-escalation is still viable at this point. Next, Matt situates the conflict within the last decade of geopolitical development, starting with the overthrow of a Russian-sympathetic Ukrainian government in 2014 and the resulting annexation of Crimea, before they work to define the role of Russia to Ukrainians both inside and out of the Donbas region, and use a leaked essay from a Russian outlet to unpack what Putin sees as the “Ukrainian Question,” and the role he hopes to assume in tackling it. Matt also leads Sam and Emma through a conversation on what the future of this war could look like, especially if Russian action expands outside of Ukraine, how Putin created the exact situation he supposedly feared, and the central importance of helping Ukrainians survive and thrive while also ensuring the least bloodshed – especially through economic and immigration policy. Sam and Emma also touch on today’s primaries in Texas, Russia’s advancement on Kharkiv, and the domestic blowback that Putin is facing, before they dive into the ghoulish and inhumane pitch by Hillary Clinton on Rachel Maddow’s show, pushing treating Ukraine as we did Afghanistan in the ‘80s, despite the unnecessary death and destruction that wrought on the country and its people.

And in the Fun Half: Ronald Raygun calls in as he unpacks the emotional responses to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, both in himself and others, John from San Antonio runs through his expectations for today’s Texas primaries, and Candace Owens takes on the RadFems and their darned Women’s Lib, leaving men everywhere with empty plates upon coming home from making his man money. Todd Starnes and Steven Crowder continue the right’s commitment to reusing, reducing, and recycling their trash-ass comedy, Jason from CT calls in on the SCOTUS’ evisceration of the VRA, and Dave Rubin and Dennis Prager take on the real divisive issue in our country: learning about the divisive issues in our country. Pat Robertson lives, plus, your calls and IMs!

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