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Sam and Emma host Kyle T. Mays, Assistant Professor of African American Studies at UCLA, to discuss his recent book An Afro-Indigenous History of the United States, which attempts to reframe a history of US capitalism around as a system built around the dispossession and enslavement of indigenous peoples, from Africa to the Americas. Professor Mays begins by situating land as the starting point of a system birthed by settler-colonialism, not looking to the industrial revolution or the first American plantations as the seeds, but rather to the forced removal and transportation of Indigenous Africans to be exploited in the Americas, where they then began the removal and transportation of indigenous folks there as well. Next, he walks Sam and Emma through a few concepts of indigeneity, looking to the importance of land and culture and history, and the consistent rejection of recognition of it by the US, before they look to stories that are central to an Afro-Indigenous history of the US, exploring folks like Paul Cuffe, Phillis Wheatley, and Olaudah Equiano and how they grappled with mixed indigeneity in a country that was virulent in their oppression of Blackness and staunch in their rejection and manipulation of Indigenous Americans. After looking at the role of the slave trade in Indigenous Nations, they dive into the Universal Race Congress and early attempts to find unity in the dispossession and exploitation of indigenous folks by American capitalism, before looking to the Red- and Black Power coalitions in the ‘60s and 70s. They wrap up with an extended discussion of reparations, and how to grapple with a form of reciprocity that doesn’t reinforce the same system that drove the exploitation that made it necessary. Sam and Emma also touch on former Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores filing suit against the NFL and Ron DeSantis reminds us of the most fundamental of human rights: the landlord’s right to rent (not a tenant’s right to bed or shelter or the ability to live or anything.)

And in the Fun Half: Sam and Emma cover unlikely ally Alex Jones calling out David “Panel-Stealing” "PacMan", Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz take on the problem with having Justices with identity and race, rather than being normal, and Mitch McConnell reminds us that consciously hiring Black women is racist. They also admire the continued Doocy-Kilmeade cold war on vaccinations, Tucker and Jason Whitlock get mad at Black people speaking out against racism in the NFL and it's not even about Brian Flores, and Sean Hannity makes a comparison, very cool. Plus, your IMs!

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