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It is a jam-packed Casual Friday! Sam and Emma host Stephen Wertheim, Senior Fellow at the Carnegie Endowment and Visiting Faculty at Yale Law School, to discuss the recent developments with Russia and Ukraine. Stephen  comes in to situate where the building Russia-Ukraine conflict is at, and what role the US has played in the increasing pressure. First, they look at negotiations between Tony Blinken and Russia’s Foreign Minister Lavrov, and contextualize them within Biden’s statements that the use of force was not on the table, before discussing the role of NATO expansions, especially towards Ukraine and Georgia, in inflaming the rising tensions, and touching on the discourse on how not going into war could (but shouldn’t) reflect our weakness or strength towards China.Then, Sam and Emma are joined by Representative Ilhan Omar of Minnesota's 5th Congressional District to discuss everything that's happening on Capitol Hill. Rep. Omar starts off by taking on the future of a Build Back Better breakup and the fool's errand of trying to pass anything without changing the filibuster, how to negotiate writing bills between the House and Senate, and why nobody, especially six specific members of the progressive caucus, could’ve seen the passing of BIF as working against BBB. They also touch on a potential upcoming leadership fight for Democrats, and Sam and Emma explore the absurdity of corporate dems’ pitch for moderation.

Lastly,  The David Feldman, of The David Feldman Show, joins for a “David Feldman” fun half, as he eulogizes Meat Loaf and the incredible influence he had in the sexual maturation of one David Feldman, and David Feldman covers the complete distortion of MLK’s legacy by trusting the FBI’s claims that he cared about “labor organizing” and “voting rights.” Hannity triggers Trump with the “W” word, Laura Ingraham laughs off vaccinated folks having lesser COVID effects, and Jen Psaki reminds us that now is the time for activists to step up and do the Biden Administration’s work, while they shift their focus to… to… um... plus, your IMs!

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