The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Sam and Emma break down news from the weekend, from developments on COVID to the courts, the Jan 6th commission to labor, and more! They begin by reflecting on the 20th anniversary of the first prisoner at Guantanamo Bay, before discussing the absurd discourse around in-person education that presumes kids are learning anything in the chaos and anxiety that is pandemic schooling. They also cover the uselessness of Biden’s pivot on the filibuster if he doesn’t also pivot on his treatment of Manchin, and dive into Eric Adams proving his worth as the newest corrupt Mayor of NYC, shifting the blame from ally Rick Gropper after he ignored a multitude of complaints and violations in the lead-up to his building catching fire in the Bronx, killing 17. In preparation for Adams's reign, Emma and Sam also discuss some extra help Gov. Kathy Hochul’s been giving, reversing course from Cuomo’s pandemic cuts to Medicaid and opening it up to 200k low-income New Yorkers, and look at the developments in California healthcare that are up, and what version of Gavin Newsom we’ll see with them. They wrap up the free half by discussing Sarah Palin’s role in capturing the Right Wing’s repressed sexuality, and how little they’ve come since then.

And in the Fun Half: COVID callers Sam and Casey discuss the absolute infrastructure and public health failures in their states of Michigan and Georgia, respectively, and Emma and Sam tackle the antidotal evidence presented by Christopher Key. Tucker Carlson can’t decide whether Covid is a hoax that is elitist or racist (against white people), and Wynn from Chicago offers an extended discussion that highlights the failures of race-blindness, plus, your calls and IMs!

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