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Sam and Emma host Mike Hulme, Professor of Human Geography at the University of Cambridge, to discuss his recent book Climate Change, which covers how public opinion on climate change has shifted over the last few decades, and what we can do to move towards policy solutions. They start off with a conversation on what has developed since his previous book, “Why We Disagree About Climate Change,” focusing on both the Paris Agreements and the continued development of extreme climate catastrophes, before they attempt to tackle the question of the roles that natural versus social scientists have and should play in pushing for solutions to climate change. Beginning by jumping back to the 1980s, Prof Hulme, Emma, and Sam look at how the IPCC, as the first intergovernmental address of global warming, centered on physical scientists. Next, while acknowledging the incredible importance natural scientists play in tackling climate change, they discuss why framing it as a science issue rather than a policy-based issue has hindered us from actually taking it on, while looking at the importance of really localized policy solutions in order to equitably handle the consequences of climate change, before discussing the inherent issues in any universal prescription for this problem. They wrap up the interview by touching on the similarities in the mentalities of climate change denial and COVID denial, and why the US framing of the relationship between constituents and federal government exacerbates both of these, and reemphasize why we must do more than just “follow” science, but act with policy.

And in the Fun Half: Emma and Sam discuss the impending vaccine mandate as the right gets narrower and narrower with their scaremongering, from Kilmeade’s vaccination jail argument (despite Fox having their own mandate) to Crowder and his producer struggling to figure out how to correctly fudge the numbers. Daniel the former objectivist calls in to discuss the utmost importance of really understanding where Ayn Rand sits between objectivism and libertarianism and Kowalski from Nebraska gives some tips on using religion to help conservatives come around on climate change. They also cover the continued chaos around the upcoming votes on the bipartisan and reconciliation bills, plus, your calls and IMs!

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