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Sam and Emma host Richard Alba, Distinguished Professor of Sociology at the Graduate Center at the City University of New York (CUNY), to discuss his recent book The Great Demographic Illusion: Majority, Minority, and the Expanding American Mainstream, on the failure of the Majority/Minority model, and the demographics are destiny approach. They start off by reflecting on how recent the belief in the power of majorities has been emphasized in social science, before Prof. Alba walks through the history of this discourse, looking back to the mid-20th-century expansion of mainstream whiteness to include Irish, Italian, and Jewish people, as well as the importance of ethno-racial mixing in blurring these boundaries. Next, he, Sam, and Emma explore how the fixed nature of demographic boundaries fails to reflect the fluidity of both identity and definition among people, as well as the influence of maintaining the racialized underclass of white supremacy has on the shifting boundaries. They also touch on the polarizing nature of Majority/Minority discourse, and its contribution to racial anxiety among white people, as well as the variety of variables that influence the influx of mixed folks in the recent census including reconfiguring the ethno-racial definition process. They wrap up the interview by touching on social policies that can help encourage assimilation towards equality, particularly focusing on economic and social inequality, and how Professor Alba would respond to those on the right that consistently push white replacement theory. Sam and Emma also touch on recent and impending SCOTUS decisions, resulting in a potential 750k household evictions over the next six months, and potentially seeing Texas overturn Roe v. Wade.

And in the Fun Half: Sam finds solace and solidarity in a school board pranking, Steven Crowder has trouble connecting with a guest’s story on racism, for some reason, and Carrie Prejean Boller continues her entrance onto the political stage through Fox and the far-right after her “canceling” for homophobic Miss California comments. The MR crew also discusses mask mandate prohibitions and the DOE’s Civil Rights Division’s plan to take them on, the Right’s politicization of sports with vaccination requirements, Critical Race Theory and Tax Codes, Tucker Carlson's mommy issues, and screen time policy on both the household, and federal levels, plus, your IMs!

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