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It's Casual Friday! Emma is joined by Benjamin P. Dixon, host of The Benjamin Dixon Show, to wrap up a big week in news. Benjamin and Emma dive right into the really heavy events of the last week in Afghanistan and how Biden has at least proved his ability to hold strong under media pressure. Emma and Ben dive into the investments that have driven the National Security journalism over the past week, and why, although Biden is anything but an antimilitarist, we should stand behind his ability to push back against military contractors and stand strong in his stance on Afghanistan withdrawal, before juxtaposing that with the added pressure we must apply to get his administration to cancel student loan debt, now that we know he’s got the legal ability to do so. Reflecting on the reactionary nature (in a good way when it comes to getting him to do what we want) of Biden and his administration, Emma and Ben move onto discussing developing booster shots amidst severe global vaccine apartheid and mask mandates as republican dig into PTA grassroots organizing, before moving onto what Haiti’s rebuild could look like following the recent disaster. Emma wraps up the free half with Lt. Gov. Dan “Sacrifice Your Grandma” Patrick’s Fox drop-in to blame vaccination rates on Black folks.

In the second half of the show, Emma is joined by Dan from the Internet, host of the Power Report and Audioface podcasts, to discuss the California recall effort, and why, despite Gov Newsom's utterly problematic policy record, the effort would only work to boost Republican ability to undo any progress in CA. And in the Fun Half, Matt takes over as co-host of the EmMajority Report to cover the recent allegations on the Minnesota GOP after their Chairwoman Jennifer Carnahan's relationship with Bitcoin entrepreneur, alleged child-trafficker and Republican super donor Tony Lazzaro came to light, even as Tucker Carlson and the New York Post stand strong behind him, plus, your IMs!

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