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Sam and Emma host David Dayen, Executive Editor at The American Prospect, to discuss the White House and Congress's inability to keep the federal eviction moratorium from lapsing, leaving thousands of renters' livelihoods in the balance. Beginning with Trump’s initial implementation of the moratorium, Dayen walks through the extensions leading up to the Supreme Court decision that found, while permissible for now, the moratorium had no grounds to be extended one more without congressional approval, all leading up to a lack of action by the Biden Administration until the final days of the moratorium. David, Emma, and Sam delve into this primary failing of the administration to either take action themselves – or at least prepare the legislature on some level for a vote on the matter – as well as the swift cop-out by Democratic House leadership to immediately shift the blame back onto Biden, before moving onto the complete disarray of American social services, as emphasized by the failure to distribute the tens of billions of dollars allocated for rental assistance. After looking into how the concept of “precedent” has prevented taking action, regardless of permanence, to genuinely help people, Sam, David, and Emma discuss the relationship between the progressive caucus and Democratic leadership, the importance of AOC’s and Cori Bush’s pressure, even if it only shifts Democrats inches, and why a mutually adversarial relationship is necessary to push their co-party members further to the left. Sam and Emma look further into AOC and Bush’s response to the House’s failure to act on the moratorium, and how the leadership has begun to push back on them.

Then in the Fun Half: Benjamin P. Dixon of The Benjamin Dixon Show joins from the road as he gives on-the-ground updates on the OH-11 special congressional election, Nina Turner’s chances, and John from SA calls in later to touch on a few final numbers from the race. The MR crew discusses road trips, their favorite highways, Jeff from GA calls in from NY to discuss the failures of the legislature and the pride held in the senate of that very element, and AOC comes out to say that the progressives have put their foot down when it comes to getting two bills passed for infrastructure. Lastly, chairman of the OK GOP, John Bennett, recalls the harrowing beginnings of the Holocaust with Jewish folks being told to stay safe and not shop in grocery stores without a mask, before the crew admires Dave Rubin’s commitment to taking on big tech as he announces his departure from the grid in order to plan his destruction of Twitter, plus, your calls and IMs!

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