The Majority Report with Sam Seder
Emma begins by discussing the relevant developments in the Derek Chauvin trail and the disintegration of the defenses’ case. Then, Manny Fidel, opinion writer for Business Insider, joins the podcast to talk about the biggest news stories of the week. Manny, Emma, and Matt begin by discussing the breaking news pertaining to the sex trafficing investigation of Matt Gaetz, which now involves him and Joel Greenberg breaking into a license facility to make fake IDs. Manny, then, discusses Biden’s announcement of his $2.25 trillion infrastructure bill which has shattered any hopes that Biden would continue to be a more progressive president than we expected. Finally, Emma asks Manny how effective he believes the right’s rhetoric about canel culture will be in rallying the base under the Biden administration. 


And in the Fun Half: Alabama tries to keep yoga out of public schools, Alex Berenson’s still spewing lies about coronavirus after being wrong about everything, Rachel Campos-Duffy says that liberals are trying to “feminize” the military, Grant Stinchfield calls Biden a ding-dong for supporting equal pay for male and female soccer players, plus your calls and IMs!
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