The Majority Report with Sam Seder
Emma hosts Ken Klippenstein, reporter for The Intercept, to discuss his three recent articles on the horrible experiences of Amazon employees and their unionization efforts. First, Ken talks about his reporting on delivery associates who routinely have to urinate in bottles in order to meet daily quotas. Despite Amazon’s claims, Ken uncovered documents that show that management has not only been aware of this issue, but that they actively tell their employees to keep this practice a secret. Then, Ken discusses the recent tweets coming from Amazon’s PR account which have gone after people making these accusations. Ken believes that whoever has been tweeting is someone from senior leadership, possibly even Jeff Bezos himself. Finally, Ken discusses his investigation into Amazon’s paid twitter army who are trained to go after any criticism and aggressively defend the company on social media. Ken’s reporting has brought to light what a lot of us have suspected all along: Amazon employees work under horrible conditions and any unionization efforts have been actively shut down by management.  


And in the Fun Half: Antony Blinken’s hit single, watch Marjorie Taylor Greene do “butterfly pull ups,” Ben Shapiro justifies his views on voter suppression based off of his experiences at DisneyLand, Adam Sandler as “the waterboy” is going to come visit you in line to vote, Kristi Noem doesn’t seem to know what infrastructure is, the freshman Republican Senator “hype video” is just plain confusing, plus your calls and IMs!
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