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Sam and Emma host Alex Pareene (@pareene), staff writer at the New Republic and host of "The Politics of Everything" podcast to breakdown the week's top stories including why Democrats should call Kyrtsen Sinema's bluff. Plus, Matthew Film Guy (@langdonboom) stops by to talk movies!

On today's show: Rep. Elissa Slotkin (of  natsec lady gang "the badasses") defends Biden's attack against Iranian proxies in Syria.

Alex Pareene (@pareene), staff writer at the New Republic and host of "The Politics of Everything" podcast joins Sam and Emma to breakdown the week's top stories including why Democrats should call Kyrtsen Sinema's bluff. VP Harris' refusal to override the parliamentarian and keep $15 min wage in the relief bill as political malpractice. What happens to the Senate's legitimacy when good things can't happen for reasons that make no sense?

Matthew Film Guy (@langdonboom) stops by to talk movies! Are movie theaters going away forever? Friday film pick: Toni Erdmann (2016) by Maren Ade, about a jokester dad's efforts to connect with his career woman daughter. And check out Black Bear (2020), a new movie starring Aubrey Plaza that Matthew edited!

CPAC hosts have to remind audience that they support law and order and are on private property, thus they must wear masks. Mondaire Jones commemorates passing of the Equality Act with heartfelt personal testimony. Dave Rubin performs outrage about Potatohead, realizes Potatohead was probably always gender neutral, says we live in the stupidest times. Ainsley Earhardt worried about new Potatohead marketing, Steve Doocy seems to believe that backlash from anti-woke led Hasbro to backtrack (not the case). Rand Paul goes on anti-trans rant during first trans doctor confirmation hearing. MTG turns up the aggrievement machine, says she was a victim of Jan 6 attack, Equality Act is an attack on women, motions to adjourn. Amazon airs anti-union ads on Twitch. CPAC rolls video package of Japanese author calling Trump an American samurai. Plus, your IMs!

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