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Sam is back today with Emma to host author and professor Naomi Klein (@NaomiAKlein) to discuss the climate disaster this past week in Texas and her latest NYT op-ed "Why Texas Republicans Fear the Green New Deal."

On today's show: Ron Johnson says Texas snow storm is reason why Green New Deal is a terrible idea.

Author and professor Naomi Klein joins the program to discuss climate disaster in Texas and her latest NYT op-ed "Why Texas Republicans Fear the Green New Deal." How those in power use "the shock doctrine" to take advantage of crises to execute policy goals. The invasion of Iraq, the fascist coup in Chile, and other past examples of the shock doctrine in action. What's different about the crisis in Texas? How renewable sources of energy lend themselves to decentralization.

On the fun half: Former cop implicates NYPD in the murder of Malcolm X. Dallas resident explains $6700 electricity bill for February, puts in context with normal month. Asked if state leadership failed, GOP Rep. Michael McCaul (TX10) says federal government deserves some blame for what happened in Texas, alludes to 2011 report about winterizing Texas grid. JULY 2020: New Wisconsin Democratic Senate candidate basically admits he's never been to Wisconsin before his dad went to buy the Milwaukee Bucks. Nina Turner explains why the people need to understand the difference between grassroots organizing and wielding power within government. Don Jr. from a gun bunker says that teachers unions are keeping children from going to school, says Biden is owned by teachers unions. Eric Weinstein says Jack Dorsey is throttling his Twitter account, asks him to fix it. Plus, your IMs.

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