The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Sam hosts David Dayen (@ddayen) to discuss the policy agenda for the Biden administration and the senators that stand in its way.

On today's show: From a media perch, CNN anchor calls out "Mr. President, can you unite the country?" Ainsley Earhardt says so much for unity, Biden undoing Trump executive actions means unity is off the table.

Sam hosts David Dayen (@ddayen) to discuss the policy agenda for the Biden administration and the senators that stand in its way. Biden's use of executive powers to accomplish some things: evidence that he knows he could use them to forgive student debt. The Trump admin and private sector's fast development of the vaccine and terrible distribution. How the Dems could use reconciliation to pass Covid relief. The utility of "skinny bills" in the face of GOP obstructionism. Biden's firings at the CFPB, NLRB and their significance.

On the fun half: AOC on the strike line with Teamsters JC 16. Striking Teamster describes how driver turned back to Ohio when he saw his union brothers and sisters striking. NYPD threatens to arrest striking workers. Jim Clyburn recounts how George Bush called him the savior for orchestrating Biden victory in SC in 2020 primary. Tucker Carlson and guest discussing white supremacy, guest says BLM/Antifa are just like KKK in Reconstruction because they enforce for the Democratic Party. Left-wing groups protest Biden, Democratic Party on Inauguration Day. Bernie says that while he'd like GOP support, he says if they obstruct Democrats should do it alone. Plus, your calls and IMs!

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