The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Sam hosts David Dayen (@ddayen), Executive Editor at the American Prospect, to discuss how the Democrats will govern in the face of dueling national crises.

On today's show: Right-wing reporter explains how Q believers understood rushing the Capitol, "close to a mass casualty event."

Sam hosts David Dayen (@ddayen), Executive Editor at the American Prospect, to discuss how the Democrats will govern in the face of dueling national crises. The likelihood that leaders of the capitol invasion will be prosecuted vs followers. What would impeachment at this point achieve? How the Dems should approach the politics of GOP culpability. How the Dems could use reconciliation to get stimulus money through. Biden's lessons from the Obama admin.

On the fun half: Asked about GOP desire for unity and healing, AOC says accountability is separate from unity, need to set proper precedent. Charlie Kirk says impeachment won't help heal nation, says Democrats want to erase history of Trump presidency. Kilmeade says good leadership would "move forward" from Jan 6. Kilmeade says Big Tech censorship of Parler and conservatives is a 5-alarm fire for free speech. Dave Rubin chats with Tulsi Gabbard about censorship. Rep. Jim McGovern says Belichick should not accept Presidential medal of freedom. Plus, your calls and IMs!

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