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On today's show: Sam hosts Stephen Wertheim (@stephenwertheim), deputy director of research and policy at the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft, to discuss Joe Biden's foreign policy appointees and why the president-elect should resist the Washington establishment's desire to restore the old foreign policy playbook of intervention and militarized responses abroad. Why we need a better Iran nuclear deal, how to end the forever wars, the issues with aggression towards China, and more.

Fox News guest says it's common sense for Barr to say there's no voter fraud because Trump campaign has provided no evidence. Lou Dobbs loses it after Bill Barr says DOJ found no massive voter fraud, suggests Barr is compromised.

On the fun half: Matt Gaetz says Barr didn't find mass voter fraud because DOJ didn't have policy in place to stop it before it happened. Georgia voting systems manager says Trump campaign actions have gone too far in Georgia, Loeffler and Perdue are complicit in potential violence
. Brad Parscale is sad about not working for Trump anymore, "That family is my family." Asked about Trump demand to end Sec 230, Tom Cotton agrees because tech companies no longer need these protections, complains about censorship. Ben Shapiro is upset about a lesbian couple Xmas movie, says conservatives need to make movies because everything is woke now. Will we ever get m4a? Plus, your calls and IMs!

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