The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Sam and Emma are back to discuss the latest round of president-elect Biden's cabinet appointments and what Trump might do in his lame-duck session.

On today's show: Fox and Friends hosts fight over why we should or shouldn't wear masks after returning from holiday travel. Trump calls reporter a lightweight, nobody should question Trump's claims on election fraud. Trump supporters ask what's the point if Trump has already lost Georgia, McDaniel tries to lobby for special election engagement.

On the fun half: Kelly Loeffler ad says Georgia needs a senator who understands what it's like to wait on a paycheck. Trump says he'll use 125% of his energy to overturn election results. Asked why the DOJ and FBI won't take up Trump voter fraud cases, Trump says they're MIA, says he shouldn't have stayed out of it. Jon Voight is worried for America under the Biden administration. Plus, your IMs.

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