The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Sam and the MR crew break down the 2020 election results: Biden's narrow win, the Dems' poor showing in Congress, and what AOC and the squad can teach the party about strategy.

On today's show: Rudy Giuliani complains that networks don't get to call elections at Four Seasons Total Landscaping. Maria Bartiromo asks Rudy if it will be over soon. As CNN shows celebrations, Kasich bashes the left. AOC's cogent critique of the Democratic Party: not just their ideology, but their strategy.

On the fun half: Roy Blunt says it’s time for president’s lawyers to present facts. Republican city clerk responds to Ronna McDaniel re: Error. Televangelist Kenneth Copeland’s 40-second laugh at Biden winning. Jimmy Dore brainlessly bashes progressive Democrats. Tim Pool clips election montage. ELECTION NIGHT 11/3: Dave Rubin gloats over people who thought Biden would win. Biden's lack of ground game with Hispanics in Florida. Plus, your calls and IMs!

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