The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Sam hosts Aaron Kleinman (@BobbyBigWheel), Director of Research at the Future Now Fund, and Ben Wikler (@benwikler), Wisconsin Democratic Party Chair, to discuss what we can expect tomorrow and the days after Election Day.

On today's show: Trump complains about vote counting after Election Day, says people should've gotten ballots in already.

Aaron Kleinman (@BobbyBigWheel), Director of Research at the Future Now Fund, joins Sam to discuss what we can expect tomorrow and the days after Election Day. The surprisingly stable nature of this election, poll-wise. Why you shouldn't worry about increased "R" registration. A breakdown of what's going on in battleground states like WI, NH and PA.

SUNDAY: Trump spokesman says Trump will be up on election night, Dems will try to steal it back (by counting the rest of the votes).

Ben Wikler (@benwikler), Wisconsin Democratic Party Chair, joins Sam to talk about what's going on in his state's battleground counties, the impact of gerrymandering, and more.

On the fun half: Kayleigh McEnany says left is going to "attack you" if you don't vote Biden. Trump retweets video of MAGA trucks surrounding Biden/Harris van: "I Love TEXAS!" Marco Rubio thanks "all the great patriots" who surrounded the Biden bus and all the boaters too. Trump says Biden will cancel everything you love, including school, Easter, Xmas, Thanksgiving, and Fourth of July. Glenn Beck says conservatives feel like a Jew in Nazi Germany, Rubin agrees. Trump spox says doctors are doing improper billing which juices corona virus death numbers. Bernie explains why he and the squad align politically and support one another: "We come from working class backgrounds." Plus, your calls and IMs!

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