The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Sam hosts organizer Joshua Kahn Russell (@joshkahnrussell) to explain how people can get involved after the election in the event Trump tries to wrap up results before all votes are counted. Then Sam explores the possible Election Day outcomes, including which states may experience a red mirage or blue shift with the record number of mail-in ballots.

On today's show: Jon Ossoff crushes David Perdue in Georgia Senate debate. Trump could not be less enthusiastic about helping Martha McSally's re-election efforts.

Joshua Kahn Russell (@joshkahnrussell) joins Sam to explain how people can get involved after the election in the event Trump tries to wrap up results before all votes are counted. How activists can attack the pillars of capitalist society via demonstrations and strikes. How to defend against another "Brooks Brothers riot." Writing letters to local officials to tell them to release their counts. And more!

Trumps says he's hopeful courts won't allow vote counts past Tuesday. Brian Kilmeade mad about NC PA SCOTUS ruling because people shouldn't need "extra days" to cast vote. Tucker Carlson says Tony Bobulinski documents were stolen in postal transit.

On the fun half: Chuck Grassley warns that Democrats want to repeal Taft Hartley and end right to work states. During tech hearing, Marsha Blackburn asks to speak to Google's manager about Google employee that criticized her. Breaking down the Senate Commerce Committee's Big Tech hearing on Section 230. Ron Johnson cannot understand satirical tweet, rages at Jack Dorsey. Plus, your calls and IMs!

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