The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Sam takes a look at the week ahead including rising coronavirus cases, the last two weeks of the presidential campaign, and democracy restored in Bolivia.

On today's show: Trump does his road comic routine, says he could be "presidential" if he wanted to. SUNDAY: Pelosi says we need to stop virus if we want stimulus, Pelosi says there's a fight over child earned income tax credit. Fargo, ND city councilman claims masks don’t work. Asked about Trump rallying in coronavirus hotspots like Wisconsin, Alex Azar says it doesn't matter who's leading states, people are tired of locking down. Steve Doocy says the base loves Hunter Biden Russia emails but Trump should talk about economy during debate. DNI director John Ratcliffe says Hunter Biden laptop and emails are not Russian disinformation.

On the fun half: Ron Johnson and Maria Bartiromo suggest Hunter Biden computer might have child pornography on it. OCT 12: Brandon Straka releases new MAGA anthem "True Colors” with "finesse queen" prankster in video. Jaime Harrison running an anti-3rd party / protest vote ad against Constitution Party Bill Bledsoe. How to get info to low-info voters: ads on antenna TV? NYT report sheds light on why voters who rejected Clinton are backing Biden (spoiler alert: it's sexism). Michigan Senate candidate (R) John James says he wants to make ACA affordable through competition, doesn't address pre-existing conditions. Plus, your calls and IMs!

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