The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Join Sam as he recaps last night's debate, the DOJ's changes in policy on voting-related crimes, and Trump's first on air interview since contracting coronavirus. Matt Binder and the MR crew host the fun half.

On today's show: Close-up of full Pence fly on head moment. Trump message from WH on his recovery and Regeneron "cure." Mark Meadows says he won't disclose Trump last negative test. Trump says he's not going to waste his time with virtual debate. When asked about peaceful transition of power, Pence pivots to 2016 election and Russia investigation. Pelosi and Mnuchin discussing new Covid relief package, airline bailout. DoJ changes policy on voting related crimes.

On the fun half: THROWBACK: Right-wing media conspiracy that Obama was Antichrist because flies landed on him. Ben Shapiro says Kamala Harris gets easy treatment because she's a black woman. George Stephonopolous says Mike Pence was mansplaining to Kamala Harris. Reason Mag's horrible WAP parody. Dave Rubin says Trump getting Covid gives Americans hope. Updates on the downfall of the Golden Dawn in Greece. Plus, your calls and IMs!

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