The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Sam and the crew break down the fallout from Trump's Covid hospitalization and how it might impact the campaign in its closing weeks.

On today's show: Trump tweets video saying he's going to surprise the great "patriots" outside Walter Reed on Sunday. Freaks outside Walter Reed react to Trump in motorcade. SATURDAY: Dr. Sean Conley refuses to provide straight answer on Trump oxygen question. SUNDAY: Conley says he avoided answering about Trump's oxygen levels because he wanted to reflect "upbeat attitude" of Trump and medical team. FRIDAY: Greg Gutfeld says it was necessary for Trump to put it on the line for the American people. Asked about Trump putting Secret Service at risk, Dan Bongino compares Covid ride to Secret Service protecting Obama in war zone.

On the fun half: Study says face masks don't restrict oxygen or hurt lung function. Flashback: Chris Christie says we have to accept Covid deaths as part of reopening the economy. Biden up in the polls following debate. In South Carolina Senate debate with Lindsey Graham, Jamie Harrison explains the importance of Medicaid expansion. Brooklyn Friends School is trying to bust its union; learn more and support the workers at Trump tweets that he is leaving the hospital. Plus, your calls and IMs!

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