The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Sam hosts Brandon Sutton (@PrettyBadLefty), co-host of the Discourse podcast, and comedian and AM Quickie host Lucie Steiner (@TheSteinbag) to break down the biggest stories of the week and Trump's Covid diagnosis on a Freebie Friday.

On today's show: Trump mocks Biden's mask-wearing practices. Don Jr. jokes with Hannity about Covid safety measures.

Brandon Sutton (@PrettyBadLefty), co-host of the Discourse podcast, joins Sam to discuss the news of the week: The impact of Trump's Covid diagnosis. The SCOTUS hearings. Can the Democrats use this to their advantage? Will they?

Brian Kilmeade says quarantine will give Trump a chance to recharge and prepare for coming debates.

Comedian and AM Quickie host Lucie Steiner (@TheSteinbag) joins Sam to discuss the news. Cynicism Doesn’t Win Elections with Nina Turner: Turner says we have to defeat neo-fascism, voting is only one part of the process. Melania revealed as anti-Claus in war on Christmas, recorded by former friend Stephanie Wolkoff. Anti-choice ad from 2007 with ACB's signature. Fox Weekend host laments that Trump's rallies will come back into spotlight. Scott Adams says Trump lost Dilbert creator's vote. Ben Shapiro upset that people think "sure" wasn't enough of a condemnation of white supremacy, doesn't think anything Trump says should be taken seriously. Katie Porter asks pharma CEO why his bonus compensation was tied to raising cancer drugs. May 2017: PBS Frontline interviews Texas woman homeowner about why she opposes Section 8 low-income housing, says she wants people in the same class as her. Flashback: Michael and the crew celebrate reports of Bolsonaro testing positive for Covid. Plus, your calls and IMs!

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