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On today's show: The Majority Report continues its memorial to Michael Brooks with his 2016 interview of Jacobin's Peter Frase (@pefrase) on his book Four Futures: Life After Capitalism, wherein Brooks and Frase consider the possibility of various post-capitalist futures where full automation has been achieved and the climate crisis either has or has not been solved. Using combinations of abundance/scarcity and equality/hierarchy, Frase lays out four wildly divergent paths, from the eternal peace of communism (abundance and equality), to the horrors of exterminism (scarcity and hierarchy).

Trump refuses to agree to a peaceful transition of power, complains about mail-in ballots. Nancy Pelosi clapback: "He’s trying to have the constitution of the United States swallow Clorox." Lindsey Graham says there will be a peaceful transition after we seat 9th justice.

On the fun half: Fauci is fed up with Rand Paul, who continues to insist NY did an exceptionally bad job and only has a low infection rate now because of herd immunity (neither claim is true). Dave Rubin fails to convince Bob Saget that 18% flat tax is good idea. Charlie Kirk waves poetic about how funny Trump is. Biden 2020 BLM "anarchy" graffiti. Footage of protestors pulling signs from U-Haul in Louisville; Laura Ingraham wants to know who paid for that U-Haul. Rep. Kevin McCarthy says protests against police brutality are organized on Fox and Friends. Plus, your calls and IMs!

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