The Majority Report with Sam Seder

The Majority Report's retrospective of Michael Brooks' career continues with a 2018 interview with Zero Books' Douglas Lain (@DougLain). In the wake of Bari Weiss' breathless NYT profile, Michael and Doug tackle the much discussed and hotly debated “Intellectual Dark Web,” the internet’s latest cast of “renegades” shaking things up in the American sociopolitical discourse. While they claim to promote open debate and discourse, it turns out the IDW is open to any idea besides the idea that they might be racist or sexist.

Vietnam War leaker Daniel Ellsberg warns against extraditing Julian Assange.

On the fun half: Trump-appointed FBI director Christopher Wray testifies that "Antifa" is not a real group, the most dangerous terrorists are white nationalists, and Russia is trying to undermine the election. Military considered using "heat ray" on DC protesters. Charlie Kirk freaks out about what the left will do to the right if Trump loses. A breakdown of the insufficient reforms offered up by the Louisville PD as part of the $12 million Breonna Taylor settlement. US Rep. Jodey Arrington (R-TX) rails against a bill condemning anti-Asian rhetoric around Covid-19: "This is dividing our country!" Plus, your calls and IMs.

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