The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Sam hosts Shahid Buttar (@ShahidForChange), candidate for CA-12 challenging Nancy Pelosi, to discuss his campaign, Pelosi's leadership failures, California's wildfires, and the week's most important headlines.

On today's show: Tucker Carlson says it's Lindsey Graham's fault that Trump talked to Bob Woodward.

Shahid Buttar (@ShahidForChange) joins Sam to discuss his campaign and break down the news. Shahid addresses the allegations against him. APRIL 26: Pelosi tells those critical of lack of state/local funds in CARES ACT "calm down." AUGUST: Nancy Pelosi says she's praying new stimulus negotiations will resume soon. How Pelosi's leadership failures are connected to her corporate donors. How the Democrats' malfeasance fuels right-wing populism. Chris Coons' connection to the nursing home industry.

On the fun half: At rally, Trump says Biden will destroy social security and protections for pre-existing conditions. Ben Shapiro says Trump wasn't downplaying Covid anymore than Cuomo, "everyone was figuring this out at same time." Bret Baier shuts down Trump campaign spokesperson’s lies about Woodward tapes. Tucker says America is not white supremacist country because if it was liberals would not encourage immigration, since that would essentially be premeditated murder. Tucker's ahistorical lessons: says 1908 is like 2020, says Springfield race riot is like 2020. TV broadcast seems to show chiefs fans booing players' sign of unity before game. Plus, your calls and IMs!

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