The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Sam and the MR Crew break down the week's biggest headlines including November's general election, the next stage of COVID, and Trump's personal DOJ.

On today's show: Big boats sink small boats in Texas Trump boat parade. Trump says he will return "patriotic education" to nation's schools, says they'll take away your great heroes. Thom Tillis issues apology statement after a staffer is caught on tape saying what Republicans actually believe on healthcare. Study: increased 2018 Dem turnout due to hatred of Trump, concern over healthcare. March 19: Trump says he's downplaying Covid because he doesn't want to create a "panic" (in the markets). Michael Cohen says he thinks if Trump loses, he will resign and have Pence pardon him.

On the fun half: Fox and Friends concern troll about voting twice in Georgia and the "red mirage" (where one candidate appears to win on Election Day, but another wins after all votes are tallied). Fox and Friends celebrate Norwegian right wing nationalist nominating Trump to be considered for Noble Peace Prize (again). DoJ replaces Trump’s personal legal team to defend against defamation suit from woman who says he raped her at Macy’s. Sean Hannity and Dave Rubin can't get on the same page about their bit about keyboard warriors in their moms' basements. Trump says he's the greatest environmentalist president since TR, and if he does another bill he'll be better than TR. Fauci says it's more realistic to expect a vaccine by end of 2020 but not by November. Mark Zuckerberg explains that Facebook is not dominated by right-wing media, says it's a space where people can "use their voice." Facebook's top 10 performing posts past 24 hours: Trump, Hannity, etc. Kevin Roose tweet about top performing post on FB, a Qanon story about "save the children" child trafficking conspiracy. Plus, your calls and IMs!

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