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Sam hosts Benjamin Dixon (@BenjaminPDixon) of the Benjamin Dixon Show to discuss the week's biggest stories including continued racial justice unrest across America, Biden enters campaign mode, and Trump's efforts to stoke racial tensions. Then Matthew Film Guy (@langdonboom) joins the program to share his Labor Day Weekend film recommendations.

On today's show: After returning from rally, Trump says the Atlantic made up story about his comments on dead soldiers, John Kelly's dead son...admits he never liked John McCain, complains that he didn't get enough credit for John McCain funeral.

Sam hosts Benjamin Dixon (@BenjaminPDixon) of the Benjamin Dixon Show to discuss the week's biggest stories. Will troop-gate cost Trump any votes? Trump's request that people vote twice: what will that mean for the results? Will there be another Brooks Brothers riot, alt-right edition? What role will the SCOTUS play and will they take the popular vote into account?

At rally, Trump says Kennedy losing to Markey is another example of how radical the Democratic Party is in 2020.

Matthew Film Guy (@langdonboom) joins the program to update us on his life and share his Labor Day Weekend film recommendations: Vagabond (1985), a film by French director Agnes Farda that follows a young itinerant woman. Also check out Red Dawn (1984), in which America gets invaded by communists, and comedian Ted Alexandro's new hour-long YouTube special "Cut/Up."

On the fun half: Asked if it's illegal to vote twice in fall election, Kayleigh McEnany equivocates, says it's not everything the president said. Tucker Carlson says the only way to mobilize lazy Democratic voters out on election day is to incite race riots. Fox and Friends weekend host says Covid has put an end to question about exploitative nature of college sports, says players want to play, nobody forcing them. Charlie Kirk equivocates about Kyle Rittenhouse's charges but says the 1st degree murder charge is unacceptable. Fox & Friends and Mike Pompeo do damage control on Trump Atlantic troops story, says it came out now for maximum pain, Pompeo denies stories. Plus, your IMs!

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