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Sam looks back at the week's most important stories with Alex Pareene (@pareene) of the New Republic and comedian Judy Gold (@JewdyGold), including the White House kneecapping the Postal Service, the Kamala Harris VP media narrative, and our rolling Covid crisis.

On today's show: Larry Kudlow, explaining why the Democratic relief demands are idealistic, says we can't have voting rights laws. After opening big lead in new poll, Ed Markey releases stunning new campaign ad.

Alex Pareene (@pareene) of the New Republic joins Sam to discuss attacks on the postal service, Kamala Harris as VP pick, and the Democrats' latest strategic failures around Covid relief.

Comedian Judy Gold (@JewdyGold) joins Sam to talk about her new book, 'Yes, I Can Say That: When They Come For The Comedians, We Are All In Trouble.'

On the fun half: Pence in Iowa speech says Biden/Harris will bring regulations that will take away your meat. Trump floats Kamala Harris birther conspiracy. Asked about suburban invasion tweet, Trump clarifies he'd like to keep poor people out of the suburbs. Trump explains why no Covid relief bill means no post office funding, which means no mail-in ballots. Is a general strike in America possible? Kevin McCarthy says govt shouldn't be wasteful when asked why GOP won't negotiate with Dems and spend more on relief. Oregon GOP Senate candidate Jo Rae Perkins, QAnon supporter, says public health measures will turn us into zombies, based on her readings of Marx. Pence says Trump administration has created more jobs in last three months than Obama/Biden did in two terms. Plus, your IMs!

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