The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Sam hosts the American Postal Workers' Union President Mark Dimondstein to discuss the post office, the fall elections, and how Trump donor turned Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has dismantled the USPS.

On today's show: Nikki Haley gets annoyed her popcorn delivery is taking so long.

American Postal Workers' Union President Mark Dimondstein joins Sam to discuss the post office, the fall elections, and how Trump donor turned Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has dismantled the USPS. How the USPS was spun off as its own independent agency following the postal workers' strike of 1970. How the pre-pay operation mandate harmed the postal service's ability to function. How Trump and company are taking advantage of this crisis to privatize the mail and lay the groundwork for bogus claims of election fraud. What regular people can do to fight these attacks on an essential public service.

On the fun half: What's with all these open letters from older leftists telling young leftists to support Biden? April: Pelosi says calm down, Democrats will get state and local in next round of legislation. Pelosi says she prays for those who no longer have UI, "let's pray harder." CBS' Paula Reid asks why Trump brags about "veterans choice" which passed in 2014. Larry Kudlow is unsure what's happening with UI and how money is being distributed, also unclear on numbers. Kudlow also unsure about eviction moratorium, Stephanopoulos says Trump is not extending moratorium. Attorney and Senator Chuck Schumer says he'll leave it to attorneys when asked about legality of Trump stimulus EOs. Ainsley Earhardt shocked 97k kids tested positive for Covid in July. Kilmeade says BLM protestors aren't like 1960s civil rights leaders because they won't go on cable news, shirtless skateboarders are getting paid direct deposit by Antifa. Plus, your calls and IMs!

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