The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Sam hosts Emma Vigeland (@EmmaVigeland) from TYT and Lucie Steiner (@TheSteinbag) of the AM Quickie recaps the biggest stories of the week including the no-deal Covid relief bill, the dismantling of the postal service, and the reporting of Covid cases.

On today's show: Trump says Biden is gonna hurt God and the Bible, also against guns and gas.

Emma Vigeland (@EmmaVigeland) from TYT joins Sam to discuss stories of the week, including Justice Democrat Cori Bush's win in MO! The Justice Dems' strategy, Bush's activist background, the politics of endorsements, and the role played by the CBC. On MSNBC, Cori Bush says it's important that people who have struggled represent communities like hers and she plans to bring that fight to Congress. Tucker Carlson suggests Covid measures are autocratic and "the left" made orders to change America and support China. Meanwhile, despite no new relief bill, Trump leaves for vacation.

Lucie Steiner (@TheSteinbag) of the AM Quickie joins Sam to break down some news. Speakers at DNC include Bernie Sanders, John Kasich. Throwback: Bernie takes Kasich to task in Congress. Charlie Kirk says Covid public health measures are like "societal waterboarding." Fox and Friends wonder if "V recovery" is still in the cards, blame governors' lockdowns for sabotaging recovery. Smug cop refuses to wear a mask at bodega, says he won't leave. Jeanine Pirro says NY NRA lawsuit is first step to taking away your guns. Sen. Kelly Loeffler says WNBA players who wore shirts encouraging people to vote for her Democratic opponent want to "cancel" her. CNBC lays out how much Bernie's one time 60% tax on billionaires would net from American billionaires. Mike Pence complains John Roberts has been a disappointment for conservatives, reminds voters about presidential election. Ben Shapiro says he doesn't see people trying to pass for white, everyone wants to be Rachel Dolezal.

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