The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Sam hosts Shahid Buttar (@shahidforchange), the democratic socialist candidate challenging Nancy Pelosi in CA-12 this fall.

On today's show: Trump talks about how everyone should get “fair treatment” from law enforcement, brags about how he saved the economy.

Shahid Buttar (@shahidforchange) joins us to discuss his Congressional run and help break down the news. Why Shahid is running against Nancy Pelosi and how she is complicit in the ongoing crimes of the Trump administration. The ripple effect it could have if Shahid wins. Buffalo PD shove 75 year old man, knock him unconscious, he starts bleeding from his ears. How the current uprising is a synthesis of prior movements like Occupy and BLM. How the CIA has driven the militarization of the police.

THURSDAY: Cuomo says he doesn't know of any baton incident with peaceful protesters. Split screen comparison between Cuomo baton response and NYPD brutality. Cops tackle a man being interviewed by the media. Bill Barr says Antifa is behind violence at otherwise peaceful rallies. Ben Shapiro says institutional racism is a conspiracy theory. Former CIA official says vigilante justice will take over because Antifa backed by DSA & Bernie bros are leading protests.

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