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Sam hosts Nathan Tankus, director of research at the Public Money Network, to discuss the Fed, PPP's shortcomings, and the incoming corporate consolidation post-Covid-19. Enjoy a 20% discount at Nathan Tankus' substack here! (

On today's show: Eric Trump claims coronavirus is Democratic hoax, will ‘magically’ vanish after 2020 election.

Nathan Tankus, director of research at the Public Money Network, to discuss the Fed, PPP's shortcomings, and the incoming corporate consolidation post-Covid-19. Nathan goes over the basics of MMT, including: What is money? What gives it value? The relationship between debt and savings. Why the US government could, if it wanted to, use massive deficit spending to fund recovery programs without suffering the rumored ill effects of inflation. And more.

On the fun half: Nancy Pelosi says all Dems wanted stabilizers for HEROES but they couldn't because of budgetary rules. Tim Ryan gives impassioned speech calling out GOP reps on House floor. Kevin McCarthy says HEROES Act is "socialist wishlist," cites weed, prisoners, illegals, and voting. Trade advisor Peter Navarro says death rate is high because more people are killing themselves, because of "stay at home" orders. A discussion on the merits of voting for Biden in the general. HHS Secretary Alex Azar does race science, says we're a "diverse population" and minorities have high co-morbidities.

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