The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Sam breaks down the week's top headlines with Michael Brooks, including Pelosi's next round of stimulus spending, the Senate HELP hearing, and the on-going Supreme Court cases.

On today's show: People who strongly dislike both candidates are breaking for Biden. MONDAY: Trump's "transition into greatness" rollout, "a phrase you're gonna hear a lot." Establishment Dems don't want to talk about what's in the HEROES Act: 60-80% of tax benefits go to top 10%, no public option or protection against rising ACA premiums...Sam and Michael break it down.

On the fun half: Fauci says if we don't respond in an adequate way we will have a resurgence. Tucker attacks Fauci, reminds people he was not elected, suggests he's a dictator, no better than your average epidemiologist. Mike from PA on special election to fill Katie Hill's seat: can anything be extrapolated? Rand Paul accuses Obama of coordinating against Trump and Flynn, asked about evidence, Paul says he has a strong feeling. Right wing media site claims stealth Trump voters are the president's secret weapon. Responding to Trump's "ask China" remark to Asian reporter, Don Jr. says media is race-baiting president. Mitt Romney calls out WH testing czar for misleading statements about testing data. Situationist supercut of brands saying we're all in this together. Should Michael stop defending Glenn Greenwald?

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