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Sam hosts Alex Pareene (@pareene) of the New Republic and Comedian Andy Kindler (@AndyKindler) to discuss the week's biggest stories. Sam also hosts National Nurses United President Jean Ross to discuss the union's protest in Washington DC and the government's failure to deliver PPE to frontline workers in the fight against Covid19.

On today's show: Trump praises Barr for dropping Flynn case. AG Barr asked about Flynn case, says history is written by the winners.

Alex Pareene (@pareene) of the New Republic joins Sam to discuss the GOP's irresponsible re-opening of the economy and why even the Democrats' progressive caucus has been so bad at passing useful Covid-related legislation. The GOP is killing to kill the hostages; the Dems aren't. How state level austerity will undo any federal stimulus. The disappointment felt by even "normie" Democrats.

National Nurses United President Jean Ross joins Sam to discuss the union's protest in DC and the government's failure to deliver them the supplies they need to fight this pandemic. How the current crisis lays bare "lean production," under-staffing, and more that nurses have been protesting for decades. What listeners can do to help.

Comedian Andy Kindler (@AndyKindler) joins Sam to discuss the art in his house, his mental health problems, and Dennis Miller's last appearance on Sean Hannity. Check out his debut stand-up album, "Hence the Humor."

On the fun half: Asked about his message to America's mothers for Mothers' Day, Trump says the military is great and he's got meetings at Camp David. Trump whines about "artificial" closing of economy as unemployment graphics play on screen. Dave Rubin says he wants some government run healthcare, so long as it's a bunch of private plans competing in the market place. Cops assault men for social distancing concerns in Brooklyn. Jamie on police abolition. How to make the lesser of two evils argument to people who've been hurt by Biden's policies? Plus, your phone calls.

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