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Michael Brooks hosts former Foreign Minister of Ecuador Guillaume Long (@GuillaumeLong) to discuss the failed coup attempt in Venezuela and the kind of lawfare being used against governments in Latin America during the age of Covid-19.

On today's show: Ahmaud Arbery murdered by racist vigilantes while jogging in Georgia; suspects have ties to local law enforcement.

Former Foreign Minister of Ecuador Guillaume Long (@GuillaumeLong) joins Michael to discuss the latest failed coup attempt in Venezuela and the kind of lawfare being used against governments in Latin America during the age of Covid-19. Silvercorp's pathetic coup attempt and the privatization of military operations. How the US government uses private contractors to distance itself from responsibility. The reasons why open military intervention in Venezuela would be unlikely. How each unsuccessful coup attempt makes Maduro stronger. How the US-controlled Organization of American States (OAS) is returning to its Cold War duties. How "lawfare" (a combination of law and warfare) is being used against former president Rafael Correa to subvert democracy in Ecuador. The influence of China in Latin America. What should be at the top of the agenda for the Latin American left?

On the fun half: Brian Mier explains SilverCorp USA's presence in Brazil during 2018 elections. Flashback: Nancy Pelosi gives standing ovation to Juan Guaido. Wednesday: Trump dismisses nurse who says her New Orleans hospital has PPE troubles. Thursday: Nurses demonstrate outside White House, 88 pairs of shoes for 88 nurse deaths during Covid-19. Kayleigh McEnany says there were supposed to be 2.2 million deaths, moving goal posts. Kayleigh McEnany on Trump's "warriors" statement: he meant Americans are "warriors" because they're staying home and observing social distancing. GOP Rep. Dr. Andy Harris says "we're safer from death if we're not born" in BS defense of no contact tracing measures. Rally for Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia: "We want justice!"

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